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Presenting a unified front to the bosses was a perennial headache for the Union organizers, for always there would be dissenters who disagreed with the immediate aims of the Union and were willing to break a strike.

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The Winnipeg General Strike: Events & Importance

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Their radical ideas were getting warm response from many trade unionists. Eight of the top party leaders, including Tim Buckwere arrested on 11 August and convicted under section That was fifteen years ago, so what is happening now, the beginning of a reawakening, is for me a miracle.

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Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Richard Bedford Bennett, 1st Viscount Bennett, PC, KC (3 July – 26 June ), was a Canadian lawyer, businessman, and politician.

He served as the 11th Prime Minister of Canada, in office from to He led the Conservative Party from to Bennett was born in Hopewell Hill, New Brunswick, and grew up in nearby Hopewell studied law at Dalhousie University.

Winnipeg, Canada: How many countries can you name in under five minutes? Six-year-old Madden Landicho has probably got you beat: He can name them all. Tags: events Importance The Winnipeg General Strike Share this post Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with Google+.

Francisco Franco

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The Winnipeg General Stirke was Canada's best known general strike. A general strike is a strike by all or most of the workers in a variety of industries that occurs at the same time. After the war, the cost of goods rose and workers suffered from.

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